Karnataka IPS Officer Faces Backlash on Twitter for Saying Firecrackers Not a 'Hindu Tradition'

Karnataka IPS Officer Faces Backlash on Twitter for Saying Firecrackers Not a 'Hindu Tradition'

IPS officer D Roopa had written on Facebook that there is no tradition of bursting firecrackers on Diwali


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IPS officer D Roopa Moudgil came under backlash on social media after she wrote that bursting firecrackers on Diwali is not a Hindu tradition. In a Facebook post on November 14, she had written there is no mention ofcrackers in epics and puranas.

"For those who cry victim that this is done to Hindus, well, crackers were not there during early and later Vedic

age; there's no mention of crackers in our epics and puranas. Crackers came in to this country with Europeans.

It is no core-tradition or custom related to Hinduism," Moudgil, IGP, Railways Bengaluru, had written on Facebook.

Several states had imposed partial and complete bans of firecrackers this Diwali in view of Covid-19 situation and air pollution. "Ban on crackers in Bengaluru is for this year alone, given COVID situation. Why can't for one year we abstain ourselves from the use of crackers," she wrote. "Are we so hollow that our joy is dependent solely on crackers?"

She said that Bengaluru, like Delhi, being a landlocked city is worst hit by smoke and smog. Moudgil's comment did not go well with several netizens who argued that he statement was an attack on Hindu faith.

Many state governments had announced ban on firecrackers in the run up to Diwali as air pollution could add to the worsening of Covid-19 situation. Yet, Delhi saw the worst AQI in four years this Diwali despite National Green Tribunal's ban on firecrackers.

However, cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai fared better on the AQI charts. Mumbai, in fact, witnessed noise pollution free Diwali after years.

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