Keepers of Orphaned Zebra Dress up in Animal-print Costumes to Play Surrogate Mom to Foal

Wildlife keepers dress up as orphaned zebra's mother . Credit: Facebook

Wildlife keepers dress up as orphaned zebra's mother . Credit: Facebook

The keepers from the Reintegration unit wear zebra-print coats to attract Diria and make her feel safe and comfortable.

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Care and compassion are a language in itself. In an incident that will fill your heart with love, reveals how caretakers at a wildlife trust dress in black and white stripes, so that young orphan zebras take them as their surrogate mother.

The incident was shared by the official Facebook page of Sheldrick Wildlife trust. The trust is currently taking care of two baby orphaned zebras. These caretakers wear black and white stripe attire so that the animal can become familiar with them and it is easy to nurture it.

This happened after Diria was brought to the trust after its mother was killed by a lion in February. Nzuki too was found alone and in help before they were brought here.

According to the post shared on the trust’s official page, both these zebras currently need some dedicated care and attention.

Revealing Diria and Nzuki's favorite activity and how this trick works the post stated, “Diria and Nzuki’s favorite activity is trotting around after their Keepers. In the wild, zebra foals imprint on their mother’s striped pattern, so we created identically striped coats that can be worn by the Keepers on zebra duty so that Nzuki and Diria can imprint as nature intended, without becoming overly attached to any one individual.”

The wildlife trust has been using this technique in the past to take care of other Zebras as well.

Netizens in the comments section of the post too have showered their love. Quite a few people have written ‘beautiful’. Many people have lauded the efforts of the trust for their efforts. A user said, “Thank you for giving each orphan such a loving safe home.”

Another person who was impressed by the work done by keepers wrote, “These keepers are amazing. What they do for the comfort of the animals is so heartwarming. Thank you”.

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