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Kentucky Man Goes Viral For Using Flamethrower to Clear Snow in Driveway

Image credits: Twitter/@DrHazmatic.

Image credits: Twitter/@DrHazmatic.

A man in Ashland, Kentucky used flamethrower to melt snow in his driveway.

Chugging beer, smoking a cigar and cutting snow while donning a bathrobe — a man doing all this at once in the US state of Kentucky is the ‘hero’ for some.

Timothy Browning, a man in Kentucky, became the sensation overnight when he shared the video of him using a flamethrower to melt ice while casually walking around in his bathrobe in the city of Ashland.

He shared two videos and captioned them, “Browning snow services. God bless Merica!” In the video, we can see Timothy drinking beer while having a cigar in his mouth. He throws the empty can on the ground and starts blowing flame on the snow in his driveway using a flamethrower. The snow can be seen quickly melting once it is subjected to flame.

The combined duration of the two videos was around 50 second. Many in the comments section said that Timothy was dressed as ‘Cousin Eddie’ from the 1989 comedy film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Interestingly, in the freezing weather, Timothy was dressed exactly like the character and did not wear pants with the white bathrobe.

Upon watching the videos, a commenter named Kimberly Reed said, “I’m proud to call myself an Ashlander, thanks to this beautiful moment.” While Benjamin Wonser asked where could he get the flame thrower, another said, “Watching from Alberta Canada . How do I get one of these.”

On Twitter as well, several users appreciated the way Timothy melted the snow.

A Twitterati called Timothy her ‘hero’ for doing what he did.

Another user tagged Randy Quaid in a tweet and told him that Timothy has copied his style from the character Cousin Eddie.

The city where Timothy lives experiences occasional snowfalls in winters. Retired American basketballer Rex Chapman shared another video of Timothy which was seemingly shot by one of his neighbours from a different angle.

Sharing Timothy’s video, Rex wrote, “My man is not for the shoveling…”<!--

The video became massively popular after Rex shared it, receiving more than 200k likes. It has been viewed more than 6.5 million times on Twitter. A woman commenting on the video said, “Loooooool. Listen, the laziest people are the smartest people.”

Flamethrowers are popular in the USA. However, they are restricted in Maryland and California but legal in 48 states. Elon Musk’ Boring Company sold 20,000 flamethrowers and made $10 million when the product was introduced in 2018. The massive sale had happened despite the warnings by the Home office and other politicians of the country, reported The Guardian.