Kerala Lok Sabha Candidates Clean Up Their Cities and Promote Recycling Day After Polls

Kerala Lok Sabha Candidates Clean Up Their Cities and Promote Recycling Day After Polls

LS candidates took to cleaning up streets in Ernakulam after Phase 3 while another candidate from Thiruvananthapuram is set to recycle his campaign gifts.

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  • Last Updated: April 25, 2019, 7:35 PM IST
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Kerala went to polls on Tuesday in Phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections that are currently underway. However, a day after polls, the state saw an sight unusual in India. Lok Sabha candidates were seen leading the charge in a post-poll clean-up of cities.

Elections are messy affairs in India, replete with posters, pamphlets and generally rowdy crowds that come to participate in campaign rallies, invariably adding to the garbage in the form of food packets, empty bottles and other sundry items.

However, some LS candidates in Kerala have taken it upon themselves to clean up their cities as soon as polling was over.

P Rajeev, the LDF candidate from Ernakulam, started a hashtag called #LetsCleanErnakulam and requested locals to come out to clean the streets of the city that have endured weeks of campaigning prior to the polls.

The hashtag caught on quickly on social media and soon many others started posting pictures of themselves participating in similar activities. BJP candidate Alphons Kannanthanam was also seen on streets, painting over political symbols to clean up the streets of Ernakulam.

P Rajeev is not the only one. NDA's Thiruvananthapuram candidate, Kummanam Rajasekharan, said he would be recycling the election gifts he received while campaigning.

In a Facebook post, the former Mizoram Governor wrote that he had received over one lakh items of cloth material and that he planned to recycle them to make objects of daily need. He posted photos to show that work had already begun.

"In my election campaign, a lakh of fabrics were received from people...My wish is to replace these with valuable facts and use it for people again".

Rajasekharan further wrote that the purpose of the project was to spread an eco-friendly message and promote recycling.

These candidates are really leading the way in being good Samaritans. Full marks for going the extra mile.

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