Kerala MLA Asked Locals to Gift Him Books, Now He's Donating Them to School Libraries

Kerala MLA Asked Locals to Gift Him Books, Now He's Donating Them to School Libraries

Newly elected Vattiyoorkavu MLA VK Parasanth said that the books will be donated to local schools so they can get libraries.

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  • Last Updated: November 18, 2019, 3:52 PM IST
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Kerala's 'Mayor Bro' turned MLA VK Prasanth has won internet over with his call to give him books instead of flowers.

Parasanth, who recently took up office as the Vattiyoorkavu MLA after winning the by-polls told his friends and well-wishers in the constituency to welcome him not with flowers but with books.

Prasanth, who had been undertaking a constituency parade last week, posted his request on Facebook last Thursday where he asked members of his constituency to not bring him flowers or bouquets in welcome but to bring him books instead.

The MLA has since received over 3,000 books, The News Minute reported.

What will the MLa do with so many books? It seems has been collecting the books to donate to government schools in Vattiyoorkavu so that the children could enjoy school libraries.

According to the TNM report, Prashant had been asked by some local schools to provide aid to the institutions so that the latter could develop school libraries enriching the students. Keeping this in mind, Prasanth asked people in his constituency to only give him books instead of the customary bouquets. The former mayor and MLA, who is the son of a retired panchayat secretary, said that with books he had collected, he would be able to help schools with their libraries.

The minister shared several images from his victory parade on Facebook in which villagers and citizens can be seen gifting him books.

In one of the videos, Parasanth can be seen flooded with books.

Prasanth, who is previously known for donating heavily toward relief efforts during the 2018 Kerala floods, said that if this was the response and the size of the collection in just three days, the collection would have been much larger had the people been informed even beforehand.

In October, CPI(M)'s Prasanth beat his closest competitor with 14,251 votes to become Vattiyoorkavu MLA the and seems to be on his way to being monikered 'MLA bro' from now on.

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