Kerala Police Kick Up Row for Using 'Sudani from Nigeria' Actor's Image in Poster on Scams

Image for representation.  (Happy Hours Entertainments)

Image for representation. (Happy Hours Entertainments)

The actor had featured in a 2018 Malayali film on a group of Nigerians helping footballers in Kerala's Malapurram.

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  • Last Updated: May 15, 2020, 2:24 PM IST
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The Kerala Police courted controversy after it put up a poster on ‘Nigerian Scams’, but equated the money laundering scam with the country.

The cops wanted to alert people against groups requesting money in the name of politicians and government for Covid-19 relief.

Such cases have seen a spike lately.

However, the police used the images of actor Samuel Abiola Robinson in the poster.

Robinson had earlier featured in the Malayali film Sudani from Nigeria. The 2018 film was about Nigerian footballers helping a football team in Kerala’s Malappuram.

But the Kerala Police came under fire over the poster after Robinson slammed them over the alleged racist prejudice.

"Just because I'm a Nigerian doesn't mean I'm a fraudster. Actually many scams are of Chinese or Vietnam origin and they just use Nigerian code names. I am not a fraudster and I don't appreciate this. You are also not a RAPIST just because you are an Indian Man. Please stop generalizing these things. There are millions of Nigerians and billions of Indians. It's not very constructive to assume that all are the same," Robinson wrote on social media.

"I appreciate work Kerala Police does’ Ironically, the very title ‘Sudani from Nigeria’ signifies how people unconsciously, but dangerously, confuse ethnicities and origins, with football fans in the movie conveniently choosing to lump their star Nigerian player under a name commonly reserved for Africans in general.

"I don't appreciate my image and likeness being used for things such as this. While I appreciate the work that the Kerala Police does, I in no way support fraud from any country and I don't appreciate being associated with it," Robinson said further.

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