Khalsa Aid Distributes Quran in Refugee Camp in Iraq to Celebrate Ramzan, Wins Hearts AGAIN

Khalsa Aid Distributes Quran in Refugee Camp in Iraq to Celebrate Ramzan, Wins Hearts AGAIN

Khalsa Aid, the UK-based Sikh non-profit organisation, is truly an inspiration to the world.

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  • Last Updated: May 12, 2019, 5:45 PM IST
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International Sikh NGO Khalsa Aid has won hearts once again, this time by gifting the holy book of Quran to people living in a refugee camp in Iran. the gesture was made during the month of Ramzan to mark the holy month of Muslims.

The UK-based group distributed made a gift of five copies of the Quran to a camp manager in Mosul. Members of the group were initially distributing food packets for Iftar. However, when the camp's manager asked if they could arrange for the Quran, the group could not help but oblige.

Apart from the Quran, the group also provided the camp with prayer mats. Taking to Twitter, the group's handle shared a video of the moment when NGO presented the Quran.

"This week our team delivered 5 copies of the holy book #Quran and pray mats to a camp near #Mosul, #Iraq as per the request of the camp manager where we also distributed food packs for the month of #Ramadan2019 #Iftar," they wrote.

Ramzan or Ramadan marks a month of fasting, reflection and community for Muslims across the world. It commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to Prophet Mohammad and is revered as one of the Five Pillars of Islam. A gift of Quran in the month of Ramzan is, thus, doublly joyous.

The video has since been going viral and making many on Twitter feel warm and fuzzy inside.

This is not the first time that Khalsa Aid has won hearts through their humanitarian work and efforts to help people of all religions and communities in times of distress.

Recently, they organised 'langar' and offered free meals to victims of Cyclone Fani that ravaged the state of Orissa last week.

In February, when students from Jammu and Kashmir were under threat after a terrorist attack in Pulwama killed 30 CRPF jawans, Khalsa Aid came forward to provide relief to Kashmiri students who were fleeing or persecuted from other parts of India. During the 2018 Kerala floods, the group worked tirelessly to provide clean meals and water to thousands of victims.

They came to international attention with their efforts to assist and provide supplies to victims of war and violence in Syria. the group was also active in probvising relief and emergency support to victims of blasts in Sri Lanka (Easter Sunday blasts) and New Zealand (Christchurch mosque blasts).

Khalsa Aid is truly an inspiration to the world.

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