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Kids Gaining Weight at Home Due to Lockdown May be at Higher Risk of Covid-19 in Third Wave

Image Credits: Shutterstock/Representational

Image Credits: Shutterstock/Representational

A sedentary lifestyle for over a year has made several kids obese and inactive.

Panic-struck parents in Bengaluru are rushing to Pediatricians as their children are falling sick quite frequently. With experts warning the third wave of covid to affect children more than adults, kids’ health is raising alarms. But, what the parents fail to consider is the kids’ weight gain which has reached the state of ‘obesity’ and that is the root cause of all other ailments that they seek a doctor for.
Not many parents realize, but obesity also lowers the immunity in children. Kids have been staying indoors for more than a year now. A sedentary lifestyle has made them obese and inactive. Junk food has only added to the persisting problem. Dropping immunity levels are definitely a threat to not just kids, but everyone in the current scenario.
According to experts, the third wave of Covid is expected to target children under 12 years of age. Hence parents are advised to get vaccinated at the earliest and also make sure the children are healthy. Strong immunity will lead to less casualty.
Initially, kids were staying indoors but were occupied with online classes. Later on, when the grim situation continued longer than expected it began taking a toll on the psychological well-being of the children. Staying alone, not meeting friends, not socializing, lack of school activities all played significant roles in making kids dull and lazy. They are glued to social media and gadgets and parents don’t have any alternate arrangements as they are busy themselves with work from home scenarios.
Obesity can certainly be attributed to lowering immune levels in children, says Dr. Somashekar, a senior pediatrician at M S Ramiah Hospitals, Bengaluru. Obesity also leads to breathing issues in kids. If one has observed, obese children find it very difficult to walk even a few steps without panting. Problems related to metabolism and joint pains are also related to obesity, he adds.
Avoiding junk food, eating healthy, and regular physical activities are the key factors to get rid of that extra fat in kids. Parents should monitor the eating habits of children no matter how busy they are. Healthy habits are the only way to a healthy life and kids need to learn and practice this early in life, experts opine.

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first published:May 20, 2021, 19:51 IST