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Kiran Bedi Congratulates 'Puducherrians' For France's World Cup Victory, Gets Trolled

File image of Lt. Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi. (Image: Reuters)

File image of Lt. Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi. (Image: Reuters)

Another day, another outrage.

Indians are big fans of the World Cup. Yep, even though our country doesn't play. The heartbreaks and the joy that come with the win and the loss of countries that aren't related to us by a far stretch, are REAL.

But Kiran Bedi, the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry), took this sentiment to a whole different level.

When France became the champion of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final, beating Croatia by 4 goals to 2, Bedi congratulated Puducherrians. Yep.

She had her own logic though. "We the Puducherrians (erstwhile French Territory) won the World Cup. Congratulations Friends. What a mixed team-all French. Sports unites," Bedi tweeted.


But Twitter didn't buy Bedi's logic. Soon, her post was ridiculed by several users, while some even asked her to pull the tweet down. "You are happy that we were French colonial...and we idiots from Delhi dreamt of making you Chief Minister..anyways I thought u became Governor of Indian territory...but... leave it....," wrote one miffed user.

However, some Twitter users came out in support of the Lieutenant Governor.

Following the outrage, Bedi took to her account on Monday morning explaining why she wanted France to win the World Cup. "Good #MorningNutrition. We in Puducherry wanted France to win d #WorldCup as d UT of Puducherry has a very memorable historical bond with #France. Thousands of Puducherrians have maintained close ties with France. France also generously supports Puducherry in several ways," she wrote.

"Congrats my brothers & sisters in Puducherry. We won. In Puducherry we can build on this spirit of celebration by promoting football in UT by organising inter village, inter town and inter city football tournaments. It costs just ONE ball to unite,as was visible in French Team"

It is worth noting that prior to independence, when India was under British rule, Puducherry (then Pondicherry) was ruled by the French. While India got its independence in 1947, Puducherry, still under French rule, became a part of independent India on November 1, 1954. It was later organised as a Union Territory in 1963.