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'It's Okay To Be a Virgin': Lilly Singh Just Took Down Society's Obsession With Hymens

Image credits: YouTube screengrab.

Image credits: YouTube screengrab.

Lilly addresss this on a segment of her show posted on YouTube titled "Can Society Please Leave Virgins Alone?"

Raka Mukherjee
  • Last Updated: January 17, 2020, 1:06 PM IST
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Lilly Singh has been known for her hot takes.

In a recent episode of NBC's 'A Little Late with Lilly,' she has a not-so-hot take, which women through the world have been repeating through hundreds of years, only to fall on deaf years.

The take? Stop fetishizing virginity.

Lilly addresss this on a segment of her show posted on YouTube titled "Can Society Please Leave Virgins Alone?"

She starts the breaking-down of society's stereotypes with by quoting current facts on how, "as Gen Z is getting older, they're waiting longer to have sex." She talks about how its finally the right time to be a virgin, and quotes history of how virgins were both revered, and also persecuted.

She uses the age-old rhetoric of there's no winning, and its always a lose-lose situation. "If you lose it too early, you're easy. If you don't, you're a prude."

"We really do fetishize virginity," she says and goes on to explain how we have movies and songs which are dedicated to 'the first time' and how we've created a culture around it for being special and a big deal.

In reality, it's going to be disappointing and underwhelming for many, says Lilly, mirroring exactly what a lot of people feel on their first time: The feeling of, 'Wait, that's all?'

The problem lies in education about sex, and how we've created no safe spaces to talk about it without feeling judged. She further breaks down toxic jokes on the Internet, which says things like "A good key opens a lot of locks, but a good lock can only be opened by one key," which essentially puts the entire onus on women, and is seen as a way to be shamed for being sexually active. The double standards that exist around virginity are never women-friendly.

She ends it with a joke and tells people to "not stress out," that despite society's overwhelming pressure, it shouldn't matter.

Virginity is a made-made concept, and the presence or absence of a hymen has absolutely nothing to do with it, because it leaves so many non-CIS, non-straight people out of the spectrum.

You can watch her full video below.

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