Liquor Shop Offers 'Chilled Beer' for Rs 140, 'Thandi Beer' for Rs 150, Leaves Internet Puzzled

Twitter screengrab.

Twitter screengrab.

A banner outside a liquor store has listed 'chilled beer' at Rs 140 each while 'Thandi beer' (also chilled) is being sold at Rs 150.

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It is not unknown that Indians are fans of discounts. Even a discount of the slightest money can lure the customer to buy the product.

However, off late a never heard before discount scheme by a liquor store will leave you in splits. The liquor store has priced chilled Beer at Rs 140 each while "Thandi beer" (also chilled) is being sold at Rs 150.

The photo of the store along with the banner has been shared by various users with funny captions.

In the snap, two men are seen standing behind the counter of the shop. The yellow coloured banners read, "Chilled Beer Rs 140" and "Thandi Beer Rs 150".

Many users have also mentioned in the reactions that English speakers now have a chance to avail a discount worth Rs 10.

One of the users who shared the photo wrote, someone please tell me the meaning of this. The post has been liked by over 430 people.

Reacting to the post, a person said, "English aati hai to 10 rupye ka discount milega yahi batana chah raha hai (sic)." Another one wrote, "Baraf ki silli pe thandi hui Beer mehengi hai fridge mein chill hone wali beer se Logixxxxxxx app Janey (sic)."

Another user has shared an edited version of the photo in which he has added the text, "English bolo to 140/-" on top and has added "Hindi boloney toh 150/-"

Many others joined in and shared the same amusement. Have a look at some of them:

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