Listening to Adele While Driving Can Help Relieve Stress and Improve Heart Health

Singer Adele. (Image: AFP)

Singer Adele. (Image: AFP)

Researchers included piano-versions of songs like 'Hello' and 'Someone Like You' on a playlist designed to calm people, who were stuck in heavy traffic.

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A new study now claims that listening to Adele while driving could help people keep their hearts healthy by reducing stress.

The research, conducted in Brazil, was published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine. Study authors carried out the experiment on young women on Brazil roads and found that listening to Enya and instrumental Adele songs helped calm them down, reported Daily Mail.

Researchers included piano-versions of songs like Hello and Someone Like You on a playlist designed to calm people, who were stuck in heavy traffic, and found that the music helped reduce fluctuations in their heart rates.

Fluctuations of heart rates could cause serious health problems over time, the study noted.

Researchers from the universities of São Paulo, Brazil, worked with Oxford Brookes University and the University of Parma in Italy for the study, the report said.

The researchers studied five women, in Marilia, Brazil. Each woman was provided a car by the researcher team and they were asked to drive around 3km in the busy streets during rush hour.

The journey took them around 20 minutes to complete.

While the women drove in silence during one ride, for the next they were allowed to listen to music. Meanwhile, researchers kept measuring the heart rates of all five women all throughout this time.

Speaking about the same, Professor Vitol Valengti said that they found that cardiac stress in participants were reduced by listening to music while they were driving.

The songs being played included Hello and Someone Like You by Adele, Exile by Enya, Christian musician Chris Tomlin's instrumental of Amazing Grace, and a meditation tune called Electra by Airstream, the report added.

Valenti further added that listening to music could be a preventive measure in favour of cardiovascular health in tense and stressful situations.

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