Little Boy Bravely Defends Mother by Punching Men Holding Guns in Scary Home Invasion Video

A viral video of a home invasion shows a child trying to defend his mother using toys in Indiana | Image credit: Twitter

A viral video of a home invasion shows a child trying to defend his mother using toys in Indiana | Image credit: Twitter

In a viral video of a home invasion, a little child can be seen attacking four house invaders who were pointing guns at his mother in South Bend, Indiana in the United States.


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A 5-year-old kid became an unusual hero when he fought an armed man in order to save his family in South Bend in the US state of Indiana.

The video, which was posted on the official Twitter handle of the South Bend Police, shows four masked men — three of them armed — entering a house. When they break in, we see a man being pushed at the entrance. A woman sitting in the room can be seen ironing a kid’s shirt.

The kid was also in the room and the armed men can be seen pointing their guns towards the two. They pushed the man and the woman in other rooms while the kid courageously threw something at one of the armed men.

Hitting the man who had a gun, the kid is seen bravely trying to save his mother from the men who invaded their home but is also pushed inside the room. The men did not rob anything. They fired gunshots but no injuries were reported during the home invasion.

As per the Daily Mail, the kid in the video is David Johnson and the woman is his mother Tamika Reid. Speaking about his act, David said that he wanted to protect his mother and that is why he started throwing his toys at the man.

Sharing the video, South Bend police urged the people to help them identify the invaders. Faces of the victims have been blurred in the video.

They also shared a link to their elaborate Facebook post, telling that the incident happened on September 30 and police officers were called around 10:30 after shots were heard in the area.

They also informed that the door of the house was opened by a juvenile member after the masked men knocked on the door. The recorded incident is after the time these men forced themselves in.

Appealing people to help identify the offenders, the post said, “You can see a little boy hitting one of the armed suspects as he tries to defend his home. It is our job now to defend him.”

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