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Living Near More Bird Species Makes People as Happy as Getting a Pay Raise, Finds Study

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Last Updated: December 06, 2020, 16:42 IST

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

In their study, Mr Methorst and colleagues compared data on the reported quality of life of more than 26,000 adults from across Europe with the diversity of bird species in each subject's local area.

Living close to nature has many benefits and a recent survey of various data compiled across Europe by a team of German scientists have found that residing in a place with many bird species gives one the same level of satisfaction as they get from a pay raise, a report in Daily Mail said.

Frequent research have time and again listed out the positives of residing amid lush greenery. Several research over the years have vouched for better mental health if one lives close to nature. The team of experts from Germany consulted data from thousands of people living across countries in Europe who live close to nature. The study found that living close to 14 new bird species elicits the same level of pleasure and satisfaction as getting £1,344($1806.27) annual pay hike.

The study findings, that came out in the journal Ecological Economics, aimed at “examining the relationship between species diversity and life-satisfaction on a continental level, focusing on multiple species groups and accounting for the potentially confounding effects of other nature characteristics and socio-economic factors.”

The paper author and ecologist Joel Methorst of the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre reportedly said that the Europeans who lived in a surrounding with diverse varieties of birds seemed happy in their lives.

The study by the team included date from more than 26,000 adults from all over Europe who had a wide variety of bird species in their local surrounding. The draw for the individuals, researchers said was the availability of greenery and water bodies that was directly related to the diversified bird species found at a certain place. This directly influences the people to feel happy amid a urban setting.

The researchers said that the survey found that the bird diversity influenced their happiness quotient as much as their income. The study said that someone who earns £13,380 annually felt happy with the variety of birds in their surrounding as they would if they would get a raise of £1,344.

Methorst said that due to the declining diversity in nature owing to urbanisation and climate change, human-well being has been a cause of concern and as such, many are choosing to seek out more natural surroundings to live in to seek healthy living.

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first published:December 06, 2020, 16:42 IST
last updated:December 06, 2020, 16:42 IST