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Lord Ram's Roots are Now International Politics but Hanuman Saves 21st Century in This New Book


Last Updated: July 16, 2020, 17:54 IST

'Demons of Jaitreyas' is the first part of a thriller trilogy by author Shubira Prasad.

'Demons of Jaitreyas' is the first part of a thriller trilogy by author Shubira Prasad.

Shubira Prasad's 'The Demons of Jaitraya' is the first book of the trilogy of the war between demons and humans.

The epics say, in the great War of Ramayana, a number of rakshasas escaped. They hid in the bowels of the Earth, in the water and in space, and remained dormant for eons. In the 20th century of the Christian era, however, some of them reappeared in different forms to plague the Earth with Wars and illnesses. At the end of his war with Ravana, Rama had asked Hanuman to raise and train a contingent of warriors who would take birth multiple times on Earth, to contain the demons. Aishani and Adheesh are two such warriors, blessed with divine weapons and powers to fight the world’s evils at present times. Read this exciting story to know who finally wins. The good or the evil? The Demons of Jaitraya is the first book of the trilogy of the war between demons and humans.

In this book, educationist Shubira Prasad takes readers through a fantastic thriller that takes off from the point right after the war, in Ramayana is won and Hanuman is entrusted with the task to find and kill the demons that may have gone hiding. The Demons of Jaitraya (Vitasta) by Shubira Prasad is a thriller set in the current times where the earth is seeing gruesome killings and mass illnesses and it's now upon the brave warriors of Hanuman to free it from the clutches of the demons that are back from hibernation.

The book comes amid intense political debate and discussion regarding the origin of Ram and Ayodhya. While India has for decades laid claim to Ram and his birthplace Ayodhya, which is located in Uttar Pradesh, Nepal's Prime Minister KP Oli recently claimed that Ram was in fact Nepali and that Ayodhya is really in Nepal, not in India. To many, the claim seemed just as fantastic as this book's plotline. But is there any truth to such claims? Prasad's book may offer a look into an alternate version of Ramayana. While it may have nothing to do with Ram's Nepali origins, it sure feels like a great time to release a thrilling trilogy of the adventures of Ram and Hanuman, when interest in such topics is at a peak.

Here's an excerpt from the book 'The Demons of Jaitiya':

"The battle was over. Shri Ram was the king of Ayodhya now. The mood was sombre; even the wind hesitated in blowing fast. The trees were quiet; the birds and the sky waited in animated suspense. The hills rolled around them like impatient, angry waves. The dark sky hung low giving a claustrophobic feeling. Hanuman could gauge his master’s frame of mind. He knew that his prabhu was upset. He also knew that it was not because of Sita maiya but something totally different which had to do with him. He sat there patiently.

After a while, Shri Ram spoke, “Hanuman I know you are upset and rightly so, but they have got away. Though no mission is impossible for you, this is going to be a very long wait and extremely tedious. Very soon the fourth Yug will begin. This will be the Kalyug; it will be a future devoid of any hope; it will be an unprecedented road. Scholars and thinkers will know that goodness is being erased; greed and wealth will become the synonyms for success. Might is right will be cherished. Human beings will become demons along with the real demons who will emerge from their dormancy. Life will

be an unending dystopian nightmare from which there will be no awakening. Despair, corruption, and pollution will be as ubiquitous as air and water. The simple and weak-willed human beings shall be forced by the emerging demons to unwillingly become like them. It will become impossible to segregate human beings from the demons, males as well as females. There will be rakshasas, bhoots, praits, dakinis, shakinis and so many other kinds of demons. We have to counter these in the most forceful manner possible. We have to gather a new set of committed warriors who will impart their training along with their divine weapons to their descendants. Their progeny will have these capabilities along with the scientific developments of their own era. From now itself you will begin the training of warriors to find and destroy the leftover demons. Initially, you will train warriors in the Himalayas, later they can form groups and come down and spread all over the Earth. They, in turn, will train other warriors. You will control everything though from a distance when Kalyug comes.”

“Yes Prabhu.” Hanuman understood immediately though he still hankered after the lost opportunity.

“And Hanuman, very soon I shall be going back to Vaikunth; you will stay back till the end of Kalyug to oversee all this and spread the message of Ramayana in your way. There is nobody more qualified than you to be my emissary of Ramayana and the destruction of the rest of the demons.”

For a moment Hanuman did not grasp what his prabhu had just conveyed. He understood about the training of warriors and destroying the demons. But when he inferred the full gist of his master’s order, he was devastated. His Lord and master was leaving this world without taking him! How could this be possible? Death would be preferable to living without his master. He fell at Shri Ram’s feet. There was a gasp from Mother Earth and the nature around them. There were mixed feelings. The sadness that Shri Ram would leave them but the reassurance that Hanuman would be there to protect them.

“Prabhu,” Hanuman sobbed, “You cannot leave me here. I am your servant. My life is nothing without you. My very existence is because of you. Prabhu, I implore you, take me with you or don’t go—stay here on Earth to guide us and love us. All the wrongdoings on Mother Earth will be healed by you. We cannot come to you in Vaikunth, it is forbidden, and yet staying away from you is unsurpassed pain. Your absence will only bring me sorrow, for my heart will be with you in Vaikunth and my mind and body will be here on Earth. How can this be possible Prabhu?” Hanuman was heartbroken.

“Hanuman you are Chiranjeevi (immortal). You will stay here till the end of time. It will be your duty to protect all the devotees from the demons both inside and outside this world. The cruel and fierce Kalyug is on its way. You will help in establishing Dharma in this Kalyug. You know I cannot stay here, but I’ll keep on coming here at predestined times in various avatars to guide the people. But it is my blessing to you to be here on this Earth to spread goodness everywhere, righting the wrongs done to human beings by the demons and by other human beings. In addition, you will also spread

the word of the Ramayana and teach the people about righteousness, honesty, truthfulness, caring and loving. Your trainees will destroy the absconding and the leftover demons.”

This was said in a very neutral tone but Hanuman knew that it was a command. He kept his head down. His lord’s wish was his command.

Bhagwan Ram continued, “Hanuman, to maintain the balance of this Earth, good and evil will have to coexist albeit on parallel lines. We have to fight our inner demons as well as demons on the outside. We can reach the highest levels of our efficacy by fighting these demons, whether small or big. We will always be there to guide human beings to be good and get rid of evil. This whole world is Maya or illusion. We have to guide the people of the Earth to open their eyes and see the truth. You have been blessed by Brahmaji with so many boons. You will be immune to weapons, you will be able to change into any form that you desire and you will be able to travel anywhere at any speed. These are just a few of your powers. Who better than you to lead and look after the world?”

Hanuman heard his prabhu loud and clear and understood everything. But the despair in his heart was too great. His very life was leaving him till eternity and there were no elixir vitae to solve this problem. It was his prabhu’s desire.

“When will you take me with you Prabhu?” he asked in anguish. This was the mighty Hanuman who did not allow even Yam Devta or the God of Death to come near his prabhu, who now had no choice but to adhere to these directives.

“At the end of Kalyug, Hanuman, when I shall come in my Kalki avatar. I will bring righteousness and happiness again to this earth. At that time you will leave with me,” Bhagwan Ram answered.

Hanuman bowed his head. The decree was announced. The Panchtattwas or the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space also bowed down to God’s proclamation and set to work.

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