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Love in Times of Corona: 15 Tweets That Sum Up Relationships in Roller Coaster of a Year 2020

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2020 has been a particularly difficult year on humans and their relationships with the loved ones-- something these tweets encapsulate perfectly.

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to maintain social distancing, even from our loved ones. It has affected our lives significantly. Intimacy is a vital need for human beings. We are social creatures who require warmth and love of one another.

The fear of catching the Coronavirus or spreading it has also prevented spouses and partners from getting intimate. Naturally, they took to social media to express their impatience and irritation.

The results are equally hilarious and sad.

None would have thought that social distancing would become a necessity for romantic relationships. Yet, there it is.

A podcast host decided to use the pandemic as an excuse to ward off pressure from her family to get hitched.

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Another jokingly advised against going to a man’s home during the pandemic by suggesting that men hoard more fried snacks than toilet paper.

Some decided to hold off their wedding for the same reasons. One such person happened to be actress and comedian Mary Beth Barone.

Those who were already married were left wondering whether the pandemic could spoil all that romance. Actress and stand-up comedian Megan Gailey sounded worried.

The pandemic quarantine allowed some couples to spend more time together; others too less. While they thought of separating, their tweets may leave the reader in splits.

Some had suggestions for couples suffering from quarantine burnout, while others just documented how the pandemic has affected various stages of relationships.

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English Musician Ben Bruce reminded us how our lives revolve strictly around Netflix.

After all these tweets, someone had to make a video, chronicling romance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If the present pandemic reminded us about one thing in particular, that is mortality. Countless people worldwide lost their loved ones because of Coronavirus. Twitter user @kashel1363 recounted how COVID-19 took her husband’s life. Reacting to this, another user, @rmurrie1 shared that he had lost his wife to the viral infection.

The virus continued destroying relationships.

Twitter user @BTudbubble summed it up well.

Some took to reading romance stories to heal from their suffering.

One could only hope that the new year is a little kind on humans across the globe.

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