Magic, Hip-hop and Comedy: NCPA's Virtual Workshops Help Kids, Teens Explore Their Creative Side

Image for representation | Credit: Reuters

Image for representation | Credit: Reuters

'Winter Fiesta', organized by NCPA, is a four-day workshop series that allows kids (starting from the age group of 3) and young adults (up to 20 years) to engage in a variety of creative pursuits.

Simantini Dey

Mumbai: The COVID-19 pandemic has not only restricted the mobility of kids and adolescents but also their creativity. After months of online classes, and exams, there are no vacations waiting to happen at the end of the semester, and the festivities of Diwali, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Onam, and several other occasions have been limited to living room celebrations.

Under such circumstances, if you are looking to help your kid or teenager nurture his/her creative side, you might want to check out 'Winter Fiesta', a four-day workshop series that allows kids (starting from the age group of 3) and young adults (up to 20 years) to engage in a variety of creative pursuits.

The event has been organised by The National Centre For Performing Arts (NCPA) and it begins today with a dance workshop by Mahafreenn Irani for 3 to 5 years old participants. Other workshops that are worth exploring are Hocus Pocus Magic workshop that would be conducted by Kruti Parekh for children within the age group of 9-15 years, WeKids YouTubers by Shantanu Joshi will give kids lessons in becoming the next popular Youtuber, Being Beethoven! will be taught by the musicians of the Symphony Orchestra of India, and the Hip Hop dance workshop will be conducted by Ashley Lobo.

Another workshop to look into, especially for those between 16-20 years age, is Playing Shakespeare: Voice, Text and Physicality that will be conducted by Michael Corbidge, Lucy Cullingford & Cathleen McCarron from the Royal Shakespeare Company between 19- 20 November 2020. Michael Corbidge of The Royal Shakespeare Company told News18 that during his workshop he intends to share 'Bardy text romp with everyone'. Corbidge said, "The workshop will be fun and wonderfully accessible. Also, with glorious verses and incredible human insight, I guarantee the young adults will start a love affair with Shakespearean literature that will last a lifetime.’’

Apart from the aforementioned workshop, another one that is specially tailored for young adults is Talk Like TED by Rima Medhi for, in association with TED-Ed, has curated this workshop which will give young participants access to the TED-Ed Curriculum and Global TED-Ed platform. The sessions will help participants learn to craft their own TED Talk by structuring the content and scripting and presenting it effectively.

Sangya Ojha, who will conduct a puppetry workshop during the fiesta told News18 that it is during crisis that children often find solace in creative activities. Talking about her workshop, Ojha said, "Imagination and creativity are what will keep us going during these times. The Puppetarians' Puppetry Workshop in Winter Fiesta will focus on self-expression through puppets, thus providing a nurturing and creative environment for the participating children to make more sense of these strange times through an artistic lens.’’

Kruti Parekh, who will be taking the Hocus Pocus Magic workshop, said that Magic is an art form that develops speaking skills, imagination, creativity, and digital dexterity in children. She commented, " This Winter Fiesta I am excited to bring an amazing virtual learning experience where children can learn to wave their Magic wand and say "Hocus Pocus". Cause we all need a little magic in our lives.’’

Talking about Winter Fiesta, Bruce Guthrie, Head of Theatre and Films, The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) said that today everyone is consuming information and entertainment virtually and kids are no exception to this. Guthrie added, "It has been NCPA’s constant endeavour to curate world-class arts and culture experiences for the younger generation and hence, we decided to introduce Winter Fiesta in a virtual format given the current situation. The five-day-long festival will act as a catalyst in providing both, the kids and youth, a unique and vibrant opportunity to learn, play, and be active while staying at home.’’ He explained that the workshops are aimed at 'enhancing self-expression in an informal and non-competitive environment.'

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