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Mahabharat Fans Spot a Soldier 'Returning from the Dead' in Show's Rerun During Lockdown

Image credits: Twitter.

Image credits: Twitter.

The Indian version of Starbucks cup left in Game of Thrones?

In 2019, Game of Thrones's infamous Starbucks coffee cup left on the set became talk of the Internet, more than what had actually happened on the episode.

Now, there may be an Indian version of it - in the Mahabharat.

As the show which ruled the televisions during the late 80's and early 90's has now made a comeback during India's coronavirus lockdown, and has people watching the historic tale of epics unfold on their television screens.

After a water cooler which was spotted on the show, people have now discovered a second goof up - a soldier 'rising' from the dead.

A video which is going viral on Twitter shows a scene from the Battle of Kurukshetra with Bheeshma Pitamah lying on the cot of arrows, and being comforted by Ganga in his death.

But that's not what catches everyone's attention.

In the background, where there are dead soldiers, one of the 'dead' soldiers, little too uncomfortable with lying on the ground, decided to ‘come back to life’ and remove his helmet so he could be more cozy. This bit captured on camera has made it to the final edit.

After the water cooler went viral, Mukesh Khanna, the actor who played Bheeshma said "I doubt if this picture is from a still from the show. And if it is, it is a huge mistake. But from what I can say after seeing it is that it appears to be clicked in between shots. I don’t think such a glaring mistake would have happened from BR Chopra’s side. He was too careful with the making and the editing of Mahabharat.”

Spoke too soon?

The re-run of the popular show started after the government announced complete lockdown in India to curb the spread of novel coronavirus.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting decided to televise the shows so as to encourage people to stay at home and spend time with their family.