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'Missing' Maharashtra Medical Student Found Searching for Spirituality in Nashik Cave

Nashik caves | Image credit: WikiCommons

Nashik caves | Image credit: WikiCommons

A 23-year-old medical student in Kharghar ran away from his hostel and was found in a Buddhist cave by Railway Police after he was reported missing.

In a bizarre incident, a medical student who had been reported as missing from Kharghar, Maharashtra, has been found after days of searching inside a cave in Nashik. The 23-year-old student had left his hostel on March 9 and was found by Railway Police recently inside the Pandavleni Caves, a spiritual Buddhist spot that dates back to the 1st-3rd century. Upon being found, the student told the cops that he had been in search of an institution where he could start practicing Buddhism and that he had come to the cave on foot from Igatpuri.

The 23-year-old student had walked out of his hostel in Kharghar on March 9 and had not been seen by his friends and associates since, Times of India reported. Cops were approached and suspecting the boy had left by train, the Railway Crime team started probing the case. After learning he had a spiritual inclination, cops managed to track him down to a Vipassana meditation centre in Igatpuri.

According to the report, after enquiring at the centre, the boy decided to walk to the Nashik caves since he had no money on him. He had been resting inside the caves when the cops found him.

The boy has reportedly been sent back to the hostel.


While not entirely similar, the case is reminiscent of an incident in December last year when a boy had run away from his home in Gujarat and gone to Goa after his parents scolded him for not studying hard enough. But unlike the 23-year-old, spiritually-inclined Nashik student, the Gujarat boy stole 1.5 lakh from his parents and ran off to Goa to party.

first published:March 15, 2021, 12:52 IST