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Man Divorces Wife, Goes On Honeymoon With Her Friend

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The estranged wife came to know that her husband had gone on vacation, with one of her close friends, they had planned together for honeymoon.

Separating from someone you once loved is a very tough task. It especially takes a lot of time when you are married. On top of this, if you see your ex-lover moving on in no time, it hurts even more. One such case has come to light where a woman was left heartbroken and betrayed after her husband of four-and-a-half years left her for her best friend. This woman got the shock of her life when she and her husband were planning to go on a honeymoon that they had been planning for several years.

Kathryn (name changed) told Divorce Diaries that post her wedding, she and her husband, Tim could not go on a honeymoon since they were more focused on saving money to buy a house first. Due to this, they even had a small budget wedding. Post their wedding, the couple spent a few nights in a hotel in their town that was gifted by Tim’s parents.

Nearly five years later when the couple managed to buy a house and start a family, they decided to book a holiday before it becomes more difficult to travel with a child.

While planning for the holiday, they booked their flights, took a month off from their work and mailed each other with various links of hotels and activities during their stay. They even stumbled across a huge sale at a luxury hotel where they wanted to stay for quite a long time. Subsequently, they decided to book it, in the evening.


However, to Kathryn’s shock, when she reached home, she found that her husband was not excited anymore. The next thing he asked for was a divorce. When Kathryn tried to know the reason behind his decision, he “coldly” told her that he was no longer in “love” with her and thus, the marriage was “not going to work out”.

Hearing these words, Kathryn was distraught. Soon the news spread among the couple’s family members and friends. Kathryn’s loved ones could not make any sense out of it. Her mother tried to know if there was anyone else in the picture. However, till then, she did not know about it. After some time, her friends started acting strangely and left her out of social gatherings. This worsened things for an already lonely Kathryn.

Then one day Kathryn thought of inviting her best friend for breakfast, who too hadn’t been at the events with other friends. When she came to meet her, two of her other friends tagged along. Nervously, they told her that one of Kathryn’s good friends from the group has been dating Tim. She was shocked to hear this and tried to call her friend and husband, but no one answered. When she went to see her friend at her office, she came to know that she was on leave. She recalled then around this time, she and her husband were supposed to be on their honeymoon trip.

Kathryn then called up her best friend who revealed that she saw a video on Instagram posted by the friend who was dating Tim. According to the clip, which was deleted soon, a man who looked like Tim followed her into the hotel that Kathryn was intending to stay in. A devastated Kathryn called up a few mutual friends and discovered that her husband had indeed gone on the honeymoon with her friend.

Kathryn said the heart-breaking incident happened with her around two years ago after which she had to undergo therapy. But she has finally got over it. She concluded by thanking her counsellor throughout her journey.

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first published:July 09, 2021, 15:29 IST