Man Finds Hilarious Use for Yoga Mat, Twitterati Shares Their Jugaad Uses of Fitness Equipment

Hilarious alternative use of fitness equipment. Credits: Twitter

Hilarious alternative use of fitness equipment. Credits: Twitter

From the treadmill to yoga mat, these hilarious use of fitness instruments triggered a laughter riot on the Internet.

Quick DIY videos have quick hacks for our daily life. However, this one video is beyond genius where a man has the ultimate hack to charge his phone.

A man named Brain Nibbler has amused people with his hilarious hack where he is using his rolled up yoga mat to support his phone on charge.

The caption of the picture reads “I use my yoga mat daily. Khareedi hai to paise waste nahi hone chahiye”.

This tweet of him has left netizens laughing out loud. The post has garnered over 2.5 K likes and 445 retweets along with a flurry of reactions from tweeple. The netizens also shared their similar random uses for such things that don’t serve the purpose it was bought for.

Replying to this a twitter user shared a picture of the treadmill which she has been using for keeping clothes and other accessories. She wrote the caption of the picture, “sensible indeed...After all, fitness should be the top priority”.

Another Twitter user wrote, “You inspired me to buy a yoga mat... At least now I have the first purpose, charging”.

Here are some more reactions:

Did you know this hat-ke use of your yoga mat?

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