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Mandalorian Director Reveals He Knows the Real Name of Baby Yoda and Star Wars Fans are Shook

'It's Baby Yoda' | Image credit: Twitter

'It's Baby Yoda' | Image credit: Twitter

The revelation was made by second unit director Sam Hargraves, who has left fans shocked and intrigued.

Whether you are a fan of Disney Plus' hit original web saga The Mandalorian or not, you cannot have missed the serial’s most loved character, the Child, better known as "baby Yoda". Be it memes or merchandise like T-shirts, pens and mugs, Baby Yoda has captured the millennial imagination like none other and has, quite literally, been all over the place.

While 'Baby Yoda' is obviously a made-up name the Internet invented, fans of the show knew that the character's real name was "The Child".

But now, a shocking revelation has been made by Sam Hargrave, the unit director for the second season of the show, who claimed that he knows the “real” name of "The Child".

In an interview with Collider, Sam said, “Yes, I know the name of The Child. I carry that secret. It’s a very heavy burden”.

The revelation has certainly left The Mandalorian fans zapped and shocked. And many did not take very well to the new piece of information about their favourite character.

While some expressed amazement at finally finding out Baby Yoda's real name, others remained in disbelief, maintaining that "The Child" is the only real name of the character.

A person who seemed to be a die-hard fan of The Child tweeted, “sitting in a circle at an anger management group therapy session, this week's exercise being to brainstorm the potential real name of Baby Yoda. The guy to the left of me suggests "Dique Queso" and laughs to himself. I'm on the verge of mangling him to the floor”.

Another user who refused to believe Sam’s claim, firmly asserted in a tweet that Baby Yoda’s name was indeed Baby Yoda and there really was nothing more to it.

"Baby Yoda's real name is Baby Yoda and that's that," he tweeted. Others seemed to share his frustration.