Man's Incredible Recovery after Skateboard Fail Will Make You Watch this Video on Loop

The image shows a skater who landing leave netizens flabbergasted. Credits: Instagram

The image shows a skater who landing leave netizens flabbergasted. Credits: Instagram

A video of a skater’s landing has left the netizens flabbergasted. The astonishing clip that has been shared on Instagram by House of Highlights created a buzz all over the internet.

A video of a man showcasing his skills using a skateboard has gone viral on social media. In the clip, the man can be seen performing a somersault with the skateboard. But, at the time of landing, he loses balance and falls on the ground. To make it look as if it was a part of the stunt, the man gets up quickly.

The video was shared on Instagram by House of Highlights and it has caught some netizens by surprise, garnering more than four lakh likes. However, many people called it a fake video. The caption of the video reads, “Does this count as a landing?”

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Does this count as a landing? 😅 (via @vicexs)

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Calling the man a ninja, a user wrote that it looked like somebody rewinded the video. “It’s fake, at the moment where he gets up there are two shadows,” said another user.

A person said that the man is wearing an “Indonesian high school uniform.” Another netizen said the video is playing in reverse.

According to Times Now, this incident took place at a skating park where people enjoy performing stunts with their skateboards. People at such places are able to show their skills with skates or rollerblades.

Earlier in August, American skateboarder Tony Hawk posted a video of a girl landing a kickflip for the first time. The clip shows the girl screaming in excitement.

The video was initially shared by the girl, named Svetlana Yurchenko from Kiev, in July and did rounds on social media. It eventually reached Hawk, catching his attention, reported themoscowtimes.com.

“The silver lining of all this is seeing the excitement of newcomers on social media. It’s been uplifting to see them learning/relearning to skate during their plentiful “downtime”,” Hawk wrote, putting out the clip on Instagram.

The post is being shared widely for all the right reasons.

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