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Mayanti Langer Bashed Trolls Making Sexist Remarks at Her & Stuart Binny

Image source: Instagram

Image source: Instagram

''I hope bullying us made you feel better about yourselves, cause otherwise was it really worth it?''

Mayanti Langer, a famous TV anchor and the wife of Stuart Binny, the Indian cricketer, has finally had enough of twitter trolls making sexist remarks about her marriage. Every time Stuart Binny's performance on the field is less than adequate, her name gets dragged into the conversation (which is less dialogue and more trolling).

This is really not a new trend. Indian cricket fans have been known to be unbelievably sexist to the point of blaming the player's significant others for a lackluster performance. We've seen the same happening to Anushka Sharma way too many times.

The trolling has always been there, only this time it got way out of hand. When Binny managed to give away five sixes in a single over in India’s T20 game with the West Indies on August 27, the trolls were at it again. The couple that has been happily married for four years now, was clearly at the last straw when cricket fans took to questioning how Langer was happy with settling for someone like Binny. Some also taunted her with remarks about divorcing Binny or even committing suicide.

Langer then put out a statement that should be able to shut up all naysayers, on Instagram and Twitter.

Hope it puts an end to all the shameful trolling that happens. Let us keep it classy, folks.

first published:September 01, 2016, 18:47 IST