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'Taking the Monster Off': Meena Harris Starts Conversation about Bras on Twitter

Meena Harris

Meena Harris

Lawyer and United States Vice President Kamala Harris' niece Meena Harris has started a conversation about not wearing bras on social media.

Lawyer, social media influencer and model Meena Harris, niece of United States Vice President Kamala Harris, recently announced that she is taking ‘the monster off’ her body, referring to her bra. In a recent tweet, Meena said, “I hate bras so much now I don’t care if I have 5 mins between zooms I am taking that monster off”.

Meena’s proclamation rang true with several women on social media, many of whom commented on the tweet to express their solidarity. Among them was the Lebanese-American model and former adult actress Mia Khalia who wrote, “Negative Underwear. Most comfortable things in the world”. The tweet started a conversation among women and sundry bra wearers and many said that they had given up wearing bras since the pandemic.


A Twitter user wrote that she had stopped wearing bras altogether since the start of the pandemic. “Despite their potential to do significant harm, my girls are restrained only by tank tops and camisoles. I’m just saying I don’t care if my DDs never see another underwire until I die. And pre-pandemic I wore an underwire bra every day. My shoulder pain is gone,” the user wrote.

Another wrote, “I’ve decided I’m just going to wear what men wead- undershirt and regular shirt. I can see their nipples all the time, it’s about time they get over mine. We’re all mammals”.

Meena started a clothing company by the name of ‘Phenomenal Woman’ four years ago. The company sells t-shirts with socially and politically relevant messages and graffiti. In an August 2020 interview to WWD, Meena had said, “I want to work on building our Ambitious Woman collection and messaging.…The idea of Kamala being on a ticket for ambitious woman is something we should engage with more”.

first published:March 21, 2021, 15:55 IST