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Saw That Viral Life-Like Statue of Karnataka Man's Late Wife? These Sculptors Made it

Image credits: News18 / Special arrangement.

Image credits: News18 / Special arrangement.

Few days ago, images of the woman's life-size statue at the housewarming statue had gone viral on social media.

A housewarming ceremony in Karnataka recently became viral on social media owing to the presence of owner Srinivas Murthy's wife. Clad in a pink saree and wearing golden jewellery, his wife Madhavi was seen in several photographs. However, it wasn't Madhavi, but her life-size statue.

Murthy had done this as a mark of remembrance for his wife who was no more and always wanted to own a bungalow. Madhavi's statue left people awestruck as it looked just like. The creative behind this masterpiece are the artisans from Bengaluru’s famous Gombe Mane, The News Minute reported.

Gombe Mane is owned by renowned sculptor M Sridhar Murthy and was started in 2017. Sridhar, who belongs to a family of sculptors told TNM that the family has been in the business for 200 years and worked in the courts of Mysuru kings.

According to Sridhar, his great grandfather, Thippaji, was a noted artist in the court of Tipu Sultan. When his 12-year-old great grandfather painted the king’s procession and sent it to him, Tipu was so impressed that he commissioned his portrait.


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 His father, popularly known as Shilpi Kashinath, was a renowned sculptor too.

It was with his friend and sculptor Anand, that Sridhar started researching on making statues with different materials. The duo decided to use silicone to make statues as it could withstand high temperatures and did not require high maintenance, unlike the wax statues.

Sridhar was the artist who designed Madhavi's statue to sort of fill up the void that her death had left in Murthy's life. Her statue was so intricately made and seemed so real that to many she appeared to be sitting atop the sofa in flesh and blood.