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Meet the 24-Year-Old TikTok Star Who is Recreating Bollywood Celebrity Fashion at 'No-Cost'

Image credits: Instagram.

Image credits: Instagram.

We're willing to bet you've seen his viral outfits at least once!


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You may have seen his celebrity photo recreation photos and videos via a WhatsApp forward, or on TikTok or on a post while scrolling down your Facebook or Instagram feed.

But for Neel Ranaut, it's more than just an occasional stunt but a hobby.

Sharbajit Sarkar, a 24-year-old lawyer from Tripura has a whole different persona online, under the name 'Neel Ranaut.' Talking to News18, Ranaut explains the reason behind his given name, 'I love Kangana Ranaut. My one wish is to meet her, which is why I started this channel. That's why it seemed only appropriate to use her second name, and with blue 'neel' being my favorite colour, I had an entire identity,' explains Ranaut.

Ranaut, who first went viral for recreating one of Deepika Padukone's outfits using leaves from a banana tree, thought it was a one-time thing.

"That (Deepika) photo went viral. Then I made one more, and then another and they all started getting attention. Before I knew it, it became something I regularly enjoyed doing," he said.

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Since then, there has been no looking back for Ranaut.

Branding himself as a "no-cost" fashion re-creator, the 'designer' reveals that he creates his bizarre outfits by spending 'no money' on them. "If I had a budget of a 100 or 200 rupees a day, my outfits would be different. But I make them from ordinary items I already have, like leaves, brooms and items form a shop my friend owns," Ranuat tells News18. "I borrow the items, then return them without having opened them or even used them much. These are things like shampoo or noodle packets which can't be damaged, and are returned as I received them," he explains.

He reveals that he also borrows his grandmother or sister's petticoats and blouses if the costume demanded. Ranaut feels his family is both "supportive and unsupportive" at the same time. "They didn't understand it at first, but since I've become popular they are a lot more open-minded and help me, and even star in my videos" he says.

His friends have been more enthusiastic about his social media avatars though. "Everyone in my former university knows who I am." Nevertheless, Ranaut admits his job where he practices as a lawyer, having just completed his LLB, is another ball game. "There are many who taunt me with 'singging-dancing' jibes. It used to annoy me but now I've become immune to it," says Ranaut adding that it was the least push-back that could prevent him from doing what he loved.

Ranaut's creative expression often leads him to using bizzare items to substitute for the outfits.

Though celebrities were his claim to fame, he also recreates popular brand advertisements.

So if you know where you're looking to re-create celebrity fashion at cheap knock-off rates, you know where to draw inspiration for.

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