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Meghan Markle, Harry's Oprah Interview Reimagined as a Desi Serial, Twitter Can't Stop Laughing

TikTok Screengrab / Tweeted by @hxnxaxixa.

TikTok Screengrab / Tweeted by @hxnxaxixa.

The drama, the suspense, and the revelation in the Meghan Markle-Prince Harry interview with American talk show host Oprah Winfrey has reminded a TikTok user of Indian dramas.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got the world hooked to their tv screens and the Internet on Monday with their tell-all, sensational interview with American talk show host Oprah Winfrey that shed light on what it was like for them to be part of Britain’s Royal family. While Markle had a no-holds-barrier approach and touched on topics from race to mental health, Harry revealed that he was able to financially cut himself off from the British royal family only because his late mother Princess Diana left him an inheritance. Further, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that they were currently living off the money Diana left Harry after being forced to step back financially from royal life after they decided to quit and move to the United States.

The interview, watched by millions, had all the ingredients to go viral. There was drama, there was suspense, there was revelation– something that reminded a TikTok user of Indian daily soaps. Taking a snippet from the first look of the interview where Winfrey asks: “Were you silent or were you silenced?” the TikTok user hilariously incorporated special effects that are a mainstay in Indian dramas. From multiple back and forth camera shots, to dramatic music, to close-up stills– the end result, although a 25-second-long video, was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Captioned “If Meghan and Harry interview was an Indian drama,” the video delivers what it promises.

Take a look:

Earlier on Monday, after Harry revealed that it was because of the inheritance from his mother that he was able to move away from Royal family led to some interesting google searches in India.

According to Google Trends, questions like “how much did Diana leave Harry?”, “how much is Prince Harry worth?” or “how much did Prince Harry inherit?” became the top trends on the search platform on Monday.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle also spoke out forcefully about the loss of agency she said she suffered as part of the royal family.

She also accused the British Royal Family of fretting over how dark her son’s skin would be. Markle, who is African American, says her husband Prince Harry revealed his family’s concerns over Archie’s skin tone, as well as the security he would be entitled to, ahead of his birth on May 6, 2019.

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