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Woman Shares Smiling Pic Taken Days Before Suicide Attempt to Silence Meghan Markle's Trolls

'Suicide has no look' | Image credit: Twitter

'Suicide has no look' | Image credit: Twitter

Many have questioned Meghan Markle since she confessed she felt suicidal during an interview with Oprah Winfrey with critics claiming she did not "look" suicidal or depressed.

A 21-year-old woman, from Cardiff, took to Twitter to prove ‘suicide doesn’t have a look’ by posting an image of herself taken five days after she tried to kill herself. On March 11, Eluned Anderson, also known as Ellie, posted a picture of herself in which she is smiling for the camera, looking happy. However, the caption read, “I attempted suicide five days before this photo was taken. Suicide doesn’t have a look.”

As per Daily Mail, the picture was taken in October last year while she was celebrating two-year anniversary with her boyfriend in Birmingham. Talking to the news website, she shared about going through a difficult time after she received abuse online on Twitter when some people told her to kill herself.


Ellie, ashamed, locked herself in her room at the university halls in Liverpool and turned to self-harm, but on November 3, she went out for dinner putting on a mask as if everything was alright.

“We were taught that we couldn’t tell anyone about what was happening at home when we were young,”she added,”I had to learn to put on a mask because what’s the alternative?”

Ellie revealed she had a traumatic childhood and she tried killing herself first when she was just 13, but didn’t tell anyone about it and carried on as normal. After she posted her picture, she received several messages on her appearance rather than on mental health, which she called”a sad reflection of our society.”

Now, a third-year student at Liverpool University, Ellie was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder during her first year. She is on medication and weekly counselling sessions.

She spoke out to challenge those who were questioning Meghan’s claims to be suicidal as people have a preconceived idea of what those struggling with mental health should look like.

Talking to Daily Mail, she shared that despite being a confident and opinionated woman, there are days when she can’t face the world. “You never know what’s going on behind the mask or behind closed doors. People have an image of what mental health looks like. My mental health is juxtaposed with my personality,” she added

first published:March 16, 2021, 15:42 IST