'Mera Baba Desh Chalata Hai': Ratan Tata's Powerful Video on Sanitation Workers Hits You Hard

Video grab.
(Image credit: Instagram/ Ratan Tata)

Video grab. (Image credit: Instagram/ Ratan Tata)

The video starts with a poem recital scene in a school where a schoolboy starts talking about his father.

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  • Last Updated: February 18, 2020, 8:39 PM IST
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Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata on Tuesday shared a heartwarming video advertisement of sanitation workers, where a boy is seen saying, "Mera baba desh chalata hai".

The video starts with a poem recital scene in a school where a schoolboy starts talking about his father.

"Nahi hai neta par desh ko vo chalata hai, vo doctor bhi nahi hai par vo rog bhagata hai. Mera baba desh chalata hai. Vo police main bhi nahi hai, lekin desh ki gandagi mitata hai. Vo army main bhi nahi hai par jung ladke aata hai. Mera baba desh chalata hai (He is not any leader but he runs the nation. He is not any doctor yet he eradicates diseases. He is no police yet he cleans the nation's dirt. He is no Army man yet he fights a war. My father runs the nation)".

He continues by saying what would happen if his father would stop going to work, "Bachche school nahi pahunchenge, naahi doctor hospital (Children won't reach school and doctors won't reach hospitals)."

As the post went viral, social media went abuzz with reactions.

A user wrote, "Great video shared by the greatest man. @ratantata thanks for sharing this video to bring awareness amongst us. Thank you so much sir that you are doing this things such as bringing awareness and making NGOs for the poor. Hats off to you."

Another wrote, "Oh my God... so sad this is… and true also."

At the end, the advertisement shows a sanitation worker climbing down a sewer as the schoolboy explains that the people don't segregate dry and wet waste, and manual scavengers catch lethal diseases and sometimes, die during the process.

"Kabhi kabhi lagta hai mera baba bimariyo se haar jaega, kabhi kabhi lagta hai baba laut ke ghar nahi aaega (At times I feel my father will lose to the diseases and at times I feel my father won't ever return home)," says the schoolboy.

Tata shared the video on his Instagram handle with the caption, "Mission Garima, for our brave sanitation workers #twobinslifewins. In Mumbai, a city of 23 million, only 50,000 individuals are employed as sanitation workers."

He further added, "They are working in difficult conditions every single day to tackle the enormous amount of waste that Mumbai generates. As a Tata Trust initiative, Mission Garima is working to provide safe, hygienic and humane working conditions for sanitation workers who are severely affected doing the unimaginable for the city so that we may find it clean!"

The caption further read, "#TwoBinsLifeWins is a campaign urging citizens to segregate their biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste to help reduce the burden on these hardworking men and women".

A user posted on Tata's handle, "We should clone Mr. Ratan Tata, we need more people like you sir."

"Thanks for sharing sir! It is inspiring and made me think about changing habits," read another post.

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