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'Your Mic is Muted': Microsoft's Tweet on Munching Samosas During Office Video Calls is All of Us

Representative image.

Representative image.

Microsoft knows what it is like working from home: samosa and endless office video calls.

Amidst all the drastic changes that it brought with it, work from home coronavirus pandemic’s biggest side-effect. It has been over a year since most of us shifted our offices to our homes and with that came some new habits like eating while attending virtual meetings. And it seems even employees of Microsoft are guilty of indulging in some snacking and that too Indian snacks while attending meetings from home. Taking to Twitter, Microsoft shared a lighthearted scenario with its followers on Friday. The American tech company tweeted how a user was notified by the Microsoft Teams application that their microphone was on mute to which the user responded that it was because they were munching on some overstuffed vegetable samosas.

The tweet certainly resonated with several netizens as the tweet has been liked by over 2k users and retweeted over 250 times. One of the users commented on the tweet with a serious suggestion of how they could help thousands of its users. The comment read that Microsoft should introduce the feature of removing background noise in Microsoft Teams like Webex.


Another user presented a perfect equation that summed the entire work from home experience for most of us. The components of the equation included a balance of virtual meetings, watching memes, and eating samosa.

While some users unabashedly agreed that virtual meetings are incomplete without chai and samosa.

For some users, the Microsoft meme reminded them of the hilarious ‘Shweta your mic is on’ meme, that was trending last month after a student named Shweta forgot to turn off her mic while she was on call with her friend, spilling secrets of a male friend.

One user openly accepted that they were guilty of doing that and in fact, they just had a samosa while attending an office meeting right before Microsoft sent out the tweet.

The tweet also made many users crave samosas. As one user commented, they want samosas now. Replying to this comment, Microsoft wrote, “You’re Welcome.”