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Minnesota Man Surprised after Receiving $150,000 in His Bank Account

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Thomas Fehling of age 73, from Minnesota, was surprised when he received an unexpected $150,000 (Rs 1.09 crore) in his bank account.

Imagine waking up to an enormous sum of money in your bank account. Wouldn’t that be amazing? A 73-year-old US resident received an unexpected $150,000 (Rs 1.09 crore) in his bank account recently. Thomas Fahling, from Crystal in Minnesota, was taken by surprise when he found out the money credit into his Sunrise Banks account.

Just like most of us, he thought it to be some error on the bank’s part. In order to report the bank about the mishap, he also tried to contact the authorities. However, even after two weeks passed by, the amount stayed untouched in his bank account.

The man used to follow the news related to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a bank to help small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. He suspected that the mistake happened by the authorities while transferring money into someone’s account, as informed by Star Tribune.

Soon after, the bank realized the error and withdrew the money from Fahling’s account to transfer it to the right account number. For Fahling, receiving this huge amount of money was completely shocking as he never owned any business.

He said, “Someone was expecting that money. A small business could've gone out of business if I hadn't turned it in.” The man also joked about thinking to flee to Mexico. However, he did the right thing by informing the bank about the unexpected amount and returning in the money on time.

Adding to the reason behind this noble act, Fahling said, “I wouldn’t mind having $150,000 of the government’s money for a legitimate reason but not at the expense of some small business that otherwise might have to lay off workers and close the doors because somebody made an error”.

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