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Money Heist Season 4 Has Everyone Convinced 'Arturito' Is the Worst Character on the Show

By: Raka Mukherjee


Last Updated: April 24, 2020, 11:49 IST

Image credits: Money Heist/Netflix.

Image credits: Money Heist/Netflix.

'Just kill him off already,' - popular consensus.

There are bad characters and there are really bad characters.

Money Heist's Arturito falls in neither. He falls in the category of, 'Kill this character off, right now,' category.

As Season 4 started streaming on Netflix, everyone came to a consensus - he's definitely the worst character on the show.

It wasn't Berlin, who threw Tokyo to the wolves, or Palermo, who very literally, decided to sabotage the situation, let a mercenary lose, all because he wanted 'chaos.'

Really. The point that brought everyone watching the show together wasn't Nairboi's death, but how much of an awful person 'Arurito' was.

Arturo Roman or 'Arturito' played by Enrique Arce who was been omnipresent since the first season, where is the director of the Royal Mint of Spain, has been an awful character throughout.

And we don't mean awful in terms of villian, we mean a down-right mean, shoddy character who absolutely everyone dislikes. He could have been the Joker from Dark Knight rises who everyone would relate to and get behind, but he's the Joffery(of Game of Thrones) of Money Heist.

His character from the get-go is awful: He's cheating on his wife, he wants his secretary who he's cheating on with, to get rid of the baby after knocking her up. He also constantly, tries to be a hero through the season.

In Season 3, he even managed to throw himself into the bank, and nobody was better off for it. But through the seasons, he's progressively gotten worse - drugging women and molesting them, forcing himself up on Stockholm (Monica) and advocating substance abuse, and constantly being the worst possible version of himself possible.

If charterers had an arc, Arturito's one is just a downward spiral. There is zero empathy or relate-ability associated with the character, and thinking of the heist as something which ruined his life is really stupid -since it was he, who decided to ruin his life, much before the heist.

In fact, people dislike him so much, he has his own hashtag on Instagram #Arturito, where all memes show him as the least liked character.

And it's not just Instagram; Twitter also wants him dead.

Honestly, this tweet probably sums it up for all fans of the show.

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    (To be fair, we also have to put out how Enrique Arce has to be an amazing actor perfectly portray a character like Arturo, who is so despicable. It takes a lot of effort to make the audience like you, but a lot more effort to make all of the audience hate you.)

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    last updated:April 24, 2020, 11:49 IST