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Monica Lewinsky Owns Twitter's 'I Have a Joke' Trend With Badass Quip on Being an Intern

Monica Lewinsky just won the internet | Image credit: Reuters/Twitter

Monica Lewinsky just won the internet | Image credit: Reuters/Twitter

'I have an intern joke and it... nevermind', Monica Lewisnky, who famously interned at the White House in the late 90s, tweeted on Saturday.

US television personality, anti-bullying activist and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky never misses a chance to take digs at former US President Bill Clinton. When the 'I have a joke' trend started going viral on Twitter, netizens all and sundry began cracking jokes on their professions with their job woes serving as punchlines to the jokes, Lewinsky seemed to have found just another opportunity to do the same.

On Saturday, Lewinsky took to Twitter top crack a dank joke that left all in the "know" chuckling darkly to themselves.

"I have an intern joke and it... nevermind" Lewinsky wrote on Twitter.

Lewinsky was sharing a tweet by Twitter user Nell Scovell who tweeted a variant of the same joke, "I have a Charles Manson joke and it kills".

For the unversed, Lewinsky was an intern at the White House from 1995-96 and went on to serve as an employee at the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. In 1998, the alleged affair between Clinton, then 49-year-old and Lewinsky, 22, was revealed to the media, leading to what is known as the "Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandal".

While Clinton initially denied the allegations, he later admitted in court to having "inappropriate relations" with Lewinsky after the latter produced hard DNA evidence.

To this date, the Clinton-Lewinsky "affair" remains one of the most gossiped-about political sex scandals in the United States.

Lewinsky's cheeky tweet only reminded the world of the author-comedian's sense of humour and wit as well as the sexism she faced from media and political observers when the affair rocked the Pentagon in the late 90s. The tweet has since gone viral with over two lakh likes, leaving many users impressed. Many could not believe that she actually did it and made another "intern" joke.

Among those who responded was actress Mia Farrow who wrote, "Monica wins the internet".

Lewinsky is no stranger to witty repartees and tweets on the microblogging site.

Lewisnky was roundly shamed and demonised by the Clinton administration following the expose. While Clinton later admitted to having had relations with Lewinsky before being impeached for obstruction of justice and perjury in 1998. While the relationship between Lewinsky and Clinton had been consensual to some extent, observers have since concluded that what Clintod did constituted classic sexual misconduct and abuse of power. Following the #MeToo movement, Lewisnky herself spoke out about the humiliation and trauma that she had faced at the time.

Lewinsky went on to become a life-coach, author, TED Talker and, turns out, the Queen of Twitter as well.