Monk Climbing up a Steep Mountain Without Any Safety Harness Will Blow Your Mind

Monk climbs up the mountain with ropes. Credits: Twitter

Monk climbs up the mountain with ropes. Credits: Twitter

The video of the monk did rounds on social media when he climbed the mountain barefooted and without ropes.

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  • Last Updated: July 26, 2020, 2:53 PM IST
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We have often seen in animations and movies, the sight of people climbing up a mountain without a rope and gear but have you saw it in real life?

Recently a video went viral on the micro-blogging site where a hiker is all geared up to climb a steep mountain with his equipment and a rope while a monk alongside does it with much more ease and absolutely safety harness.

If you are curious to watch, here it is:

There is absolutely no wonder that this awe-inspiring video gathered almost 7 million views and in addition with that more than 62000 retweets and 3,00,000 likes.

"The power of monk is well beyond, a normal person can think of. They know to balance Body, Mind, and Soul," user of the microblogging site wrote.

Here's how netizens reacted:

In subsequent tweets a user rightly mentioned, "His feet caress the rough earth with love, yours stab it with pointed spikes to conquer it. That's the difference."

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