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Monolith Now Spotted in Mumbai, Will Saga of the Mysterious Disappearing Structures Continue?

Photo: Twitter/Asif Zakaria

Photo: Twitter/Asif Zakaria

A mysterious monolith has been spotted in Mumbai.

The mysterious monolith saga continues, with the latest one being spotted in Mumbai. According to reports, the monolith was spotted recently in Jogger’s Park in Bandra. If you want to catch a glimpse of it, we suggest you go as soon as possible because as history is proof, these monoliths tend to disappear into thin air almost as suddenly as they appear. The first monolith appeared in a remote desert in Utah in the United States last year. After that, the object was spotted in Romania, California and many other countries. Utah’s Department of Public Safety officers stumbled upon the mysterious monolith in the middle of rural countryside in November last year. It was a routine event, when the officers who were flying by in a helicopter spotted the object in the middle of the desert.

And now it has appeared in Mumbai as well. Bandra Municipal Councillor, Asif Zakaria, posted a few pictures of the monolith on his official Twitter handle and wrote, “It’s here! Mysterious #monolith appeared in #Mumbai! Check it out at Joggers Park Bandra! It has numbers on side of it let’s try & figure out what they mean Don’t know how long it will be there but cant wait to get a picture with it!”

However, this is not the first monolith to have appeared in India. A few months ago, a monolith was spotted in the Symphony Forest Park in Thaltej. The structure is similar with metallic sheets covering three sides. However, as per a report by The Indian Express, there are some numbers that are etched on the monolith. According to the report, the numbers possibly hint at a love for nature and protecting wildlife.

An official from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation told Indian Express that they were aware about the presence of the monolith in the park and that it had been placed there by the people who had developed and maintained the park.

When the first monolith appeared in Utah, the internet collectively lost its calm. Given that the year was 2020, of course, people are more inclined to believe that this could be the act of aliens. Almost as soon as news of the monolith appearing broke, people began drawing comparisons with Kubrick’s iconic movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. That’s because in the film, monoliths appear and disappear out of nowhere with no possible explanation.

The movie is based on a science fiction novel. In the Arthur C. Clark science fiction legend, the monolith’s first appearance on Earth was three million years ago in Africa. It is alluded as a mystical figurine which confers intelligence on the life around it and the book/film suggest the monolith was responsible to save Great Apes by giving them the knowledge to use tools.

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