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donald trump india visit
donald trump india visit

‘Moo’torbike: ‘Pakistani Jugaad’ Video Shows Cow Calmly Riding a Bike with Man

‘Moo’torbike: ‘Pakistani Jugaad’ Video Shows Cow Calmly Riding a Bike with Man

While some passers-by commented on how well-behaved the cow is, some called dangerous and 'abusive.'

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A Pakistani man was spotted riding with an unusual passenger on his motorbike earlier this month. “Kamaal. Yeh Pakistani jugaad hai, (Awesome, now this is a Pakistani hack),” one bemused passerby is heard saying in a nearly minute-long clip showing a cow seated on a man’s motorcycle.

“Look, how well it is sitting,” the passerby remarks, marveling at the capacity of the 70 cc motorcycle.

Another biker is seen filming the smiling man riding the bike as the bovine, which is covered in grey fabric, calmly sits in front.

The clip which was posted by a Pakistani civil servant on his Twitter account has been viewed over 250,000 times and retweeted and liked by thousands of users.

Watch the video here:

“Here’s proof that almost anything is possible in Pakistan,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another praised the bovine for being “well-behaved.”

However, there were some who raised objections over the stunt.

“This is illegal on so many counts! At the very least, driving laws and animal protections law!” read one comment slamming the manner in which the animal was being transported.

In fact, many people called it inhumane and against animal protection laws.

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