Mother Accidentally Flashes Son’s Video Lessons, Twitter Wants to 'Abolish Zoom Classes'

Video grab.
(Credit: Twitter)

Video grab. (Credit: Twitter)

It is during one of these online classes that a young student's mother inadvertently flashed her son's class.

A woman accidentally flashed her son's Zoom class when she unknowingly walked into the frame naked in the midst of a video call.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools to turn to online classes where students sit at home and listen to lessons. It is during one of these online classes that a young student's mother inadvertently flashed her son's class.

The video of the incident has been shared online by Twitter user Young Simba alongside the caption, “Abolish zoom classes man.”

In the video, which is around 14-seconds-long, a boy can be seen pointing at someone behind him. After sometime, a woman who appears to be his mother walks into the frame. To everyone’s surprise, she is completely naked. The teacher then tries to alert the student about the situation, and soon starts shouting at the boy to switch off the camera.

“Oh my God, who is that back there naked? Turn your camera off,” she can be heard yelling.

Once the woman realises that she is on camera, she quickly runs away from the frame. Since being posted, the clip has been viewed over 6 million times and has been re-tweeted over 1.3 lakh times.

A number of people posted funny comments on the video. It was not only the naked woman who evoked hilarious responses, there was also a student who was sleeping during the class that amused many on social media.

A user wrote that he had to rewind the video just to make sure what he saw exactly did take place. Another pointed out the sleeping student and write, “lmfao!! he ain't even try to move.”

Video conferencing website Zoom where many security issues had surfaced in the past was in focus too. A person said that Zoom needs to add features so that such unfortunate incidents do not happen. “Zoom needs to add a feature where the camera just focuses on the person and fades the background out,” he wrote

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