Move Over 'Masakali 2.0', Taher Shah is Back With a Song That Will Keep You Up All Night

Screenshot from video uploaded by Taher Shah.

Screenshot from video uploaded by Taher Shah.

'Farishta farishta, insaan farishta' - Taher Shah, 2020.

The world is in a coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

In uncertain times such as these, the awaam of Pakistan and India collectively gasped when 'Mankind Angel' Taher Shah announced the arrival of his new song on social media.

Yes, the same Taher Shah who blessed us with with "Eye to Eye" and "Angel" which went far and beyond and shot him to such fame that even Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh turned Angel for Hrithik Roshan in a Dubsmash video.

On Friday, Shah fulfilled his promise and dropped "FARISHTA" on the Internet.

With the new song dedicated on children beings the angels on earth, "FARISHTA" was highly anticipated on social media especially Twitter. The lyrics, singer, concept, story, direction -- all credited to Taher Shah, fans were expecting nothing less than a banger video. Especially after the abomination that was 'Masakali 2.0', there was some hope left, felt many.

But 15 seconds into Taher Shah's video, this happens.


And it's all a downhill after.


The 5-minute-long video and its animation is on hard drugs, clearly.



Farishta holding onto Taher Shah's watermark sign so no one plagiarises the precious animation is peak Taher Shah.


But despite all the effort and creativity put in, Taher Shahians were disappointed for one too many reasons. "Such a bad year that even Taher Shah disappointed us," pretty much summed up Shah's latest instalment.

Where's the lie?

But if "FARISHTA" left you underwhelmed as it did others, here's "Angel" to relive the good ol' memories.

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