Move Over Mukbang, Video of Baby Tortoises Munching on Flower is Winning Internet

A bunch of baby tortoises were seen munching on a pink hibiscus | Image credit: Twitter

A bunch of baby tortoises were seen munching on a pink hibiscus | Image credit: Twitter

In the age of ASMR mukbang videos, viral footage of reptiles devouring their meals has been going viral. Really.

Therapy comes in all forms, from aroma-therapy to music therapy. Now netizens have discovered a video of baby tortoises feeding on hibiscus flowers as another form of therapy. A soothing video calming the nerves of netizens has been shared on social media platform, Reddit. The video shows a dozen baby tortoises feeding on a giant hibiscus flower on a white plate.

Shared on subreddit aww by Reddit user MTPokitz, the video has received 29.7k upvotes within a day of being shared. The baby tortoises can be seen completely lost in their feeding session as they calmly bite into the petals of the pinkish-white hibiscus flower.

Netizens are finding the video very therapeutic, as one user commented, " I didn't know I needed this today." Another said, "Oh to be a baby tortoise and eat hibiscus flower." While some called the video very "poetic".

In the age of ASMR mukbang videos, some netizens demanded a similar video of the reptiles devouring their meal. As one user commented, "I need to know what this sounds like!"

"I need there to be audio for this! Tiny noms plz…" said another. For some, the video looked like a party game for the baby animals, "Looks like a game of Hungry Hungry Tortoises.”

One of the redditors also demanded a timelapse video of the tortoises feeding on the flower to see how they finally finish their meal. The slow and steady creatures took tiny bites of the flower and to some it also appeared as if they are not eating at all.

"It's gonna take them a while to get through all that,” commented a Redditor, while for some, the video was a cute revelation that the shelled reptiles eat flowers, "They can eat flowers? They look so cute!!"

According to, the animal feeds on Tropical Hibiscus flowers and leaves, which are nutritious favourites of many.

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