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Mumbai Man Collects Uneaten Food on Flight to Feed the Needy, Gets Internet Love

Image credits: Vishab Mehta / Facebook

Image credits: Vishab Mehta / Facebook

'Save food and feed the hungry.'

World hunger is a serious issue.

According to a recent report on global food crisis, an estimated 124 million people in 51 countries are currently facing crisis, food insecurity or even worse.

With a population of 1.3 billion, India’s 2017 Global Hunger Index score is at the high end of the serious category.

Perhaps this was the reason that inspired a Mumbai resident to go out of his way to feed the hungry.

Vishab Mehta, a Facebook user, was aboard a flight from Mumbai to Jaipur when he noticed that the meals served on flight were being wasted and getting dumped into the garbage.

Discomforted at the sight, Mehta requested the crew for a bag so he could personally go to each seat and collect the uneaten food from other passengers. To his surprise, he was met with support from the airline staff who adviced him to stay seated and suggested that they'd seperate the uneaten food while collecting the food trays from passengers.

At the end of his flight, Mehta had 70 burger buns, 50 burger pockets, and 30 chocolates in his bag, he wrote in his Facebook post.

He also informed that the food collected from the flight was distributed among children and grown-ups who "can’t even afford a meal a day."

Mehta's act of kindness was praised by many and in no time, his Facebook post was shared more than 23K times on the platform.

Here's the entire post:

I’ve been a frequent flyer all my life. I love to travel, be it for business or vacation. But unfortunately only a couple of months back I realised and I noticed that, meals served on the flights are often wasted and thrown away in the garbage.
Reasons for the same can be:
Some people are flying for the first time and are often too shy to even reply to the ‘English’ speaking crew.
Some people don’t like the taste of the food and often eat a little and leave everything else.
Some are just too diet conscious to eat the unhealthy food that is served and is later dumped into the garbage.

Now, why am I suddenly talking about this!?
Today I was on AI flight from Mumbai to jaipur that serves free meal to every passenger and I decided that I’m not gonna let any uneaten food to be wasted or dumped into the garbage. Rather, I’ll collect it and feed that food to the hungry.

As soon as the crew served the meal I requested them to help me with a bag so I can personally go and collect the uneaten food. The crew was very supportive and suggested me to be seated and that it’s better if they collected it while taking their food-trays back, separating the uneaten food in a bag simultaneously.

Almost 70 burger buns, 50 butter pockets and 30 chocolates were collected and given to me before the flight landed.

Only if one can calculate how much food is wasted everyday around the world like this. And only if one can calculate that how just ‘one random act of kindness’ can help so many people fill their empty stomach.

P.S- The food that I collected was distributed among children and grown-ups who can’t even afford a meal a day. Their only way of surviving is begging for food.

It’s a request to all, save food and feed the hungry!

A big thank you to the AI Crew. #AirIndia


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first published:June 27, 2018, 07:03 IST