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Mumbai Police to Tinder, Internet Boards the Binod Meme Train After YouTube Comment Goes Viral

UP police / Twitter.

UP police / Twitter.

Mumbai, Nagpur, and Uttar Pradesh police departments have now joined the ‘Binod’ trend to share essential information but in the funniest way possible.

Sometimes one would wonder why a particular bizarre thing is trending and when it comes to Twitter such days are quite common. On Friday, #Binod was trending almost throughout the day.

Slayy Point, a famous YouTube channel run by Abhyudaya and Gautami recently went down the rabbit hole that is the Indian comments section in one of their videos and a meme was born.

Both Abhyudaya and Gautami gave us a glimpse of what really goes on in the "filthy" comments section of videos where the commenters leave behind stuff that will have you scratching your heads.

Titled "Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)," one of the comments that stood out in their now-viral video was from a certain person Binod Tharu who simply wrote "Binod".

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Soon, Binod became a viral meme in India.

A user named Gabbar Singh had tagged Paytm asking them to change its name to Binod. And guess what? The brand actually changed its name to ‘Binod’ on Twitter.

Tinder too joined the league. The company in a tweet said, “Yes Binod is on Tinder”.

Following this, the dating app came up with a fun conversation around this.

Apart from these fun conversations, the Uttar Pradesh immediate assistance portal, Mumbai and Nagpur Police departments too joined the league. However, they took this opportunity to raise awareness about cybersecurity and coronavirus.

The Mumbai police used this to create awareness about cybersecurity. The department in its tweet said, “Dear #binod, we hope your name is not your online password. It’s pretty viral, change it now! #OnlineSafety”

The Uttar Pradesh and Nagpur departments raised awareness about COVID-19. The UP Police took this opportunity to tell people that they need to wear masks. In a skilful throughout the graphic, the police wrote ‘Binod’ in bold capitals and red color. In the subsequent line, they said, “now, since we have your attention” after this line in red color it is written, “please wear a mask”.

Nagpur police too urged people to stay home during these times. The department tweeted, “Dear #binod, we know you have gone very viral, But your safety is important. corona is more famous than you so stay home, stay safe. #SafetyFirst”.

No one knows where Binod is. I hope we find him soon.