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Musical Parrot's Chirpy Cover of Beyonce Song at US Wildlife Park Leaves Visitors Entranced

Parrot delivers rendition of Beyonce's hit song. Credits: Facebook

Parrot delivers rendition of Beyonce's hit song. Credits: Facebook

The 9-year-old parrot, named Chico, is creating a buzz on social media for his ability to sing tunes of popular songs.

Parrots come with an ability to talk and sing. They can imitate the vocals of a human and this definitely melts our heart. But, have you ever met a singing parrot?

Chico, a nine-year-old yellow-crowned amazon parrot, has been stealing hearts at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park for his unique ability to sing Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy. The video clip of the bird singing the superhit song has gone viral on social media, ever since it was uploaded online last week.

The video was posted on Facebook by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park, captioning it, “Chico sings #Beyoncé classic #lincswildlife”. In the video, one can see the parrot high notes of the song, perfectly imitating the rendition.

The video has received 584 likes and 166 comments, with people appreciating the unique art of Chico. A user wrote, “I’m in love with him saw him yesterday”.

Another mentioned, “Amazing. Does she have any more songs in her hit list”? Well, the parrot can indeed sing more songs. According to, Chico can sing songs from other pop singers, including Poker Face by Lady Gaga, Firework by Katy Perry and You Drive Me Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.

Talking to the news website, the CEO of Lincolnshire Wildlife Park Steve Nichols said, “After more than 25 years working with these amazing birds, they still never cease to amaze me. Who'd have ever thought that a parrot would cause social distancing problems due to being so popular”.

According to the report, the parrot was brought in the sanctuary around 18 months ago. Ever since he has been a part of this new habitat, Chico has attracted visitors for his singing skills.

The video has gone viral on Facebook with over 2.53 lakh views and 2,200 shares. Netizens were delighted to see the parrot.

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