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Mystery Over Kim Jong Un Has Left Coffin Dancers Eagerly Waiting With Memes

File image of Kim Jong-un / Reuters.

File image of Kim Jong-un / Reuters.

Kim Jong Un was last spotted on April 11.

North Korea is a strange and highly secretive country. The East Asian country every so often makes headlines for bizarre, controversial reasons. Its strict, unforgiving laws have been a subject of great interest and case studies. YouTube Vloggers who have managed to visit and document the country have noted about the "robotic" mannerisms of North Koreans.

But now all eyes are on Kim Jong Un, albeit metaphorically.

Kim Jong Un had a heart surgery. Kim Jong Un is in a vegetative state. Kim Jong Un is dead. Kim Jong Un's train spotted at a resort. Kim Jon Un is alive and well.

Nobody knows the whereabouts of Kim Jong Un and what he has been up to since his last appearance on April 11 when he presided over a meeting.

Since then, unconfirmed reports of Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un's health condition and death have unleashed upon the Internet in the past few days - drawing the attention of the entire world.

His disappearance from the face of the earth has also given rise to memes.

You can already hear them coming, don't you?

Video of Ghana's pallbearers, doing a cheerful dance with the coffin "carrying" or waiting outside the hospital for Kim Jong Un became synonymous with the news of him vanishing in the past few days.

The original video shot by BBC back in 2017 shows the ancient tradition of Ghana bidding goodbye to the departed with fervour and joy. Three years later, the pallbearers have become the messengers of bad news (read: death) dancing to the beats of 'Astronomia' for the Supreme Leader.