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NASA Treats Internet With Spooky 'Sound' of Interacting Galaxies in Space to Celebrate Halloween

Screengrab from video uploaded by @nasahubble / Instagram.

Screengrab from video uploaded by @nasahubble / Instagram.

'There’s no sound in space, but this scary sonification of Hubble's image will send shivers down your spine,' NASA's Insta handle wrote.

On Halloween 2020, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shared a scary ‘sound’ from space. Well, not exactly from space because there is no sound there but it is a sonification of interacting galaxies formed in space.

As per the Instagram handle of NASA Hubble, the sonification — created by System Sounds — will surely send shivers down your spine.

Not only a scary sound but the interacting galaxies also create a creepy face — two orange coloured eyeballs with a blue coloured face outline. The image has been captured from the Hubble Space Telescope. Sharing it, the handle wished everyone a Happy Halloween from Hubble.

When you watch the video, you can hear a spooky sound from the time the sound waves start touching the creepy face.

As per NASA Hubble, Systems sound created this based on the brightness which relates to the volume while the pitch of the sound represents a vertical position.

Watch the video here:

People are reacting to the cool video which has garnered more than 4 lakh views since it was posted a day ago.

While some were confused if space has sound (which has been clarified by NASA Hubble already in their caption), others said the sound reminds them of C-3PO — a character from Star Wars.

While one user commented, “Love these sonifications, ” another said “That sure as hell creepy.”

A user named Will Scarr commented, “That whine just before passing the Central cluster was cool.”

Another Space enthusiast said, “SpoOoOoOoky!! Happy Halloween to all our astronauts and spacecraft!”

Getting into the mysteries of cosmic connection, a commenter Alex Penuelas said that this is the music of the stars that summons eldritch horrors on Earth.

A person gave an idea in the comments section, asking what would be the sound produced if they do a top to bottom scan instead of left to right.

You may find the video either amazing or scary but it is quite interesting to watch.

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