Netflix Moves on from Radhika Apte, Comes Up With a Hilarious Meme on Teacher's Day

Netflix Moves on from Radhika Apte, Comes Up With a Hilarious Meme on Teacher's Day

Is Radhika not apt enough, Netflix?

Parth Sharma
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  • Last Updated: September 5, 2018, 5:06 PM IST
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The memory of singing 'Goooood morninnnngg, teacher!' in perfect synchronisation brings a bright smile on all of our faces, reminding us of the good ol' days and the joy that they brought to us.

Since it's Teacher's Day today, the internet is flooded with #TeachersDay messages on social media, with users either wishing their favourite teachers or reminiscing about them.

Netflix of course does not follow the regular tradition. So to celebrate the occasion in its own quirky way, Netflix came up with a meme, and no, for once it does not have Radhika Apte in it.

The meme includes (Walter White) Professor Heisenberg from Breaking Bad who teaches chemistry, (Detective Charles) Boyle sir from Brooklyn Ninety Nine for Home Science, Ghoul sir from Ghoul for Moral Science, (Claire) Underwood ma'am from House of Cards for teaching Civics, (Maureen) Robinson from Lost in Space. The meme also includes Pablo (Escobar) sir from Narcos for teaching Spanish, Rick sir from Rick and Morty for Quantum Physics, Kanta Bai ma'am from Sacred Games for Business Studies, and Lara Jean ma'am from To All The Boys I've Loved Before for English.

The internet of course would not let Netflix win so easily. Some came up with their own improved versions of Netflix's film. FINALLY. THANK YOU!!!  

And of course Netflix isn't over Radhika Apte.




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