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Netflix Pinpoints Just When People Got Hooked to Particular Shows

Image source: Netflix

Image source: Netflix

It's never the first one!

From series like Narcos, Breaking Bad, and House of Cards to old favorites like Suits, Gilmore Girls, and Orange is the New Black, Indians enjoy a diverse mix of international content with Netflix. But with so much to watch, how long does it take before viewers decide to stick to a series?

Examining global viewing of more than 60 shows*, Netflix pinpointed the specific episode that took watchers from casual to committed. That is, 70% of viewers who watched this episode went on to complete season one or more poetically, when members were hooked there was no turning back. Data reveals that the “hooked episode” is never the first one.

“Given the precious nature of prime-time slots on traditional TV, a series pilot is arguably the most important point in the life of the show,” said Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer for Netflix. “Yet in our research across the region**, we found that no one was ever hooked on the first episode. This matches with our viewing data in other parts of the world, and gives us the confidence that great, original stories travel when commercial breaks and appointment viewings are stripped away.”

Netflix discovered viewing behavior - and fandom - is becoming increasingly universal. Members in India were drawn to the world of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in Suits in the same episode as those in Narcos (episode 2) while fear of the unknown had fans in Singapore and France reeling for Stranger Things (episode 2). Meanwhile, love had viewers in South Korea, Italy and Ireland falling in love with Gilmore Girls (episode 8).

While the data found out the episodes that got members hooked around the world, Netflix has also highlighted a few moments in those episodes that pushes the scale. To begin with, the kidnapping of an Ochoa member marking the introduction of M19 clan got viewers addicted to Narcos (episode 2). The well-played move by Louis Litt in tricking Mike to smoke pot with Tom (prospective client) got viewers hooked to Suits (episode 2). The alarming discovery of Sam’s naked picture on the dead girl’s phone locked members into How to Get Away with Murder (episode 4). First snow of the season, horror flicks, hot chocolate and first kiss got people glued to Gilmore Girls (episode 8).

Regardless of whether they live in Argentina or Australia, Singapore or Sweden, members around the world are not only getting hooked on similar episodes, but identifying with similar story lines.