Netflix Responds after Censored Images of Pork from 'Vikings' go Viral on Twitter

Pork and porn were edited out of the Season 5 of Vikings from Netflix | Image credit: Twitter

Pork and porn were edited out of the Season 5 of Vikings from Netflix | Image credit: Twitter

'Vikings' released on Netflix recently but with nudity and meat removed.

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  • Last Updated: June 1, 2020, 7:23 PM IST
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The popular Netflix show Vikings recently launched in India. Several scenes from the show were, however, missing.

Even as the show released on Netflix India, many viewers reported that scenes from the show containing nudity and meat were censored from the platform.

It appears that the historical show that premiered on the History TV18, had blurred out the images of two cooked pigs in the episode titled "Murder Most Foul", the sixth in the Nordic drama series. And now, Netflix is using that video to stream on its platform.

An image of the photo by journalist Aroon Deep has been going viral on Twitter.

As per a reports, viewers have been witnessing such deletions since January.

Some even posted images of the show's original version that ran in UAE.

Many wondered why the platform was taking a censored copy and could not simply ask the channel for a version of the film where the meat was not removed.

However, Netflix has responded to the matter. Aroon Deep also shared the message by the platform on Twitter which cited Netflix's sensitivity to local preferences, needs, laws in the markets that they operate in.

This is not the first time that Netflix has come under scrutiny for censorship. In 2019, director Sanal Kumar's film 'Sexy Durga' was refused release by Netflix. The video-streaming platform has formerly been in news for censoring the Jammu and Kashmir map from comedian Hasan Minhaj's comedy show 'Patriot Act'.

On Sunday, Netflix took to Twitter to condemn the viral police killing of George Floyd.

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