Netizens 'Sympathise' with Little Kid Crying at the Thought of Schools Reopening in Viral Video

Little boy crying at the idea of schools reopening. Credits: Twitter

Little boy crying at the idea of schools reopening. Credits: Twitter

The viral video of a kid crying at the thought of going back to school has left the internet in splits.

In recent times, as the schools were shut temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of students are taking a sigh of relief. But it is not going to stay the same forever and the mere thought about it seems to be giving pain to a little boy.

In a viral video shared on Twitter, one can see the boy crying after he is asked to pray that the schools reopen on August 15.

The video is shared by Dr. Arvind Mayaran on twitter with the caption, “Ab Kya Karen (What to be done now)?”

The video, shared two days back, has received more than 60 thousand views, with netizens sympathizing with the little child.

A user said, "Yaad karna sir. Sometimes, we were also in the same predicament during our innocent cute childhood days." We absolutely agree with this comment, as all of us have been there, done that.

Here’s what others had to say:

Meanwhile, the Narendra Modi-led government is yet to announce its decision on the reopening of schools and colleges.

While they have rubbished the reports of reopening from September 1, there has been active discussion on the future course of action.

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