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New Mom Tells Us What it is Like to be Away from Doctor-Husband Treating Coronavirus Patients

Image for representation purpose only / Reuters.

Image for representation purpose only / Reuters.

Woman on maternity leave, shares story of being separated from husband who is treating coronavirus patients

The novel coronavirus so far has claimed over 7,900 lives with more than 1 lakh 98 thousand people worldwide having tested positive for the dreaded disease. With several heart-wrenching incidents of COVID-19 being reported from various parts of the world, a post has gone viral on social media, making people aware of the reality behind the families of health practitioners dealing with the virus.

A woman named Rachel Patzer took to Twitter to share a thread about how her husband, who is a physician in the emergency department, is "actively treating coronavirus patients" and the way it has brought a change in their lives.

She further added that since her husband was continuously treating patients tested positive with COVID-19, they made a “difficult decision” to isolate him and shift to their garage apartment for the "foreseeable future".

Rachel, who is Director at the Centre for Health Services Research, further revealed that they have three children, one of whom is just three weeks old. In an emotional message, she said her husband "won't get to hold our new baby or see our kids. This is one example of the sacrifice that healthcare workers are making for our communities."

Rachel, who is on her maternity leave, went on to share her plight which was nothing less than unfortunate. She said she was trying to manage everything all by herself from attempting to home school her children to taking care of her newborn. "I am worried about the health of my spouse and my family," she says, adding that she knows things could be worse.

The plight of Rachel becomes all the more saddening when she continued to say that she saw pictures of people socializing and ignoring the social distancing recommendations. Especially, when she knew that her husband and other healthcare workers were risking their lives to treat patients.

In her last tweet of the thread, Rachel urged people to take pandemic seriously. “I hope the projections of infections and serious cases are incorrect. If not, our healthcare system will be overloaded.... Please thank a healthcare worker for what they are doing and sacrificing”.

Since being posted, Rachel Patzer thread has received a number of people extended their support.

The thread of tweet has so far garnered over 5,000 comments and more than 2 lakh 20 thousand likes.

Here’s how some of the people reacted to the tweet: